5 Easy steps to adapt easily to working with a Virtual Assistant

Hiring a new virtual assistant implies having to adapt to working with them. Adaptation doesn’t have to be a challenge, there are many strategies you can apply to make the transition easy. Here are some things you can do to work with a new virtual assistant:

  • Make Communication a Priority: it might be tempting to keep emails or phone calls to a minimum, but communication is key for this relationship, especially at first. In your first few days working together, check in by phone each day to go over assignments. Feeling comfortable on the phone with your VA can translate to comfortably suggesting time-saving systems or flag potential issues.
  • Build information records: at the start of your working relationship, it pays to create shared systems. Keeping all your passwords and payment details in a shared Dropbox folder (or using a system like LastPass or KeyPass) can save time and stress. You want your VA to have, providing a place where updates and feedback can be stored without duplication. The employer can indicate what tasks need to be done, and how time-sensitive they are, and the VA can annotate the ones that have been completed or are in process.
  • Reward to reinforce: gratitude for a job well done is always appreciated, but more specific praise can actually shape your VA’s input. If you laud your assistant’s word choice on social media, they will probably place a higher value on such tasks.
  • Set expectations clearly from the beginning: knowing your VA’s hours each week can help keep you establish expectations in terms of contact times. Shared expectations are also helpful in terms of overall goals and priorities. A skilled VA will be smart about prioritizing, but it helps if you communicate your vision explicitly. If you have an overall goal for social media or SEO, communicating this to your VA can help them prioritize accordingly.
  • Build a Rapport: Given the nature of email communication and the virtual world in general, creating a friendly atmosphere is worth the time and effort. Some VAs are around the world from their employers, but even taking the time to have a Skype chat with video can help “personalize” the interaction, so you feel a greater sense of connection.

Smooth transitions with new employees can help you experience faster the benefits of distributing work among new employees. This is also easier with properly trained and experienced Virtual Assistants, like the ones we offer in Eureka. If you want to enjoy the benefits of working with a well trained virtual assistant, we can help. Tell us more about your needs, schedule a consultation