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Focus your time on what matters and leave the rest to a executive virtual assistant.
How An Executive Virtual Assistant Can Help

Your Executive Virtual Assistant can help with day to day tasks. We find the top 1% of vetted executive virtual assistants, which means that you will always be getting the best!

  • New Client Intake
  • Schedule Appointments
  • Manage Calendar
  • Account Updates
  • Data Entry
  • After Hours Phone Service
  • Changes to Billing
  • Process Change Requests
  • Management System Clean Up
  • Prospecting
  • Call Leads
  • Phone Management
  • Chat Response
  • File Auditing
  • Billing Follow Up
  • Social Media Management
  • Audit Follow Up
  • Telemarketing
  • Marketing
  • Pipeline Management
Meet The Executive Virtual Assistants

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We pride ourselves in the the quality of our virtual assistants and believe it’s best for our clients to see who they would be working with before starting with us. Below are short interviews for you to learn more about the specific assistants we have available.

We update this page daily so if you see someone that is a good fit for you, schedule a meeting with us on our contact page and we can start the process for you. Get started today!


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Customer Service Experience
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Customer Testimonial

“I can’t imagine running an agency without Eureka Virtual Assistants…Reliable and available for any support we need” 

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  • Pick VA and schedule start date
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  • Make action plan with VA
  • Start working with your VA

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What is an Executive Virtual Assistant?

An Executive Virtual Assistant is a professional who provides comprehensive administrative support to high-level executives and business owners within an organization. This role requires a diverse skill set, exceptional organizational abilities, and a keen understanding of business operations. The primary objective of an Executive Virtual Assistant is to streamline administrative tasks, enhance efficiency, and allow business leaders to focus on strategic decision-making and core responsibilities.

Key responsibilities of an Executive Virtual Assistant include:

  1. Calendar Management: Scheduling meetings, appointments, and managing the executive’s calendar to ensure optimal time utilization.
  2. Communication: Handling and prioritizing incoming calls, emails, and correspondence. Drafting and responding to communications on behalf of the executive.
  3. Travel Arrangements: Coordinating complex travel itineraries, including flights, accommodations, and transportation, to facilitate business trips.
  4. Documentation and Record Keeping: Maintaining organized records, filing systems, and documentation. Ensuring confidentiality and accuracy of sensitive information.
  5. Meeting Coordination: Arranging and preparing for meetings, including agenda creation and coordination with participants.
  6. Project Assistance: Supporting executives in various projects by conducting research, preparing reports, and managing project-related tasks.
  7. Office Management: Overseeing day-to-day office operations, ordering supplies, and ensuring a well-maintained and efficient work environment.
  8. Problem Solving: Handling unforeseen issues and challenges that may arise in the daily operations of the executive’s office.
  9. Gatekeeping: Acting as a gatekeeper by screening and filtering communications, managing access to the executive, and prioritizing tasks.
  10. Technology Proficiency: Utilizing office software, project management tools, and communication platforms to enhance productivity and collaboration.

The role of an Executive Virtual Assistant is crucial in supporting business owners by allowing them to focus on strategic planning, decision-making, and core business functions. By efficiently managing administrative tasks, an Executive Virtual Assistant helps to create a more streamlined and organized work environment. This professional contributes to increased productivity, improved time management, and the overall effectiveness of the executive’s role within the organization. Additionally, the Executive Virtual Assistant serves as a reliable and trustworthy ally, ensuring that the executive’s time is optimized and that their workload is manageable.

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