Insurance agents: how an Eureka virtual assistant can help you

Are you wasting a lot of your time doing tasks you don’t need to do? A Eureka virtual assistant can deal with the administrative tasks that prevent you from growing your business.

A virtual assistant won’t be one of your employees – you can consider them as a contractor. If you hire Eureka, you will pick one of our virtual assistants, and then they will work with you part-time or full-time, according to your needs.

How can a Eureka virtual assistant help me?

A virtual assistant could handle clerical duties to support your current team. Your employees can be free of the work consuming a lot of their time and be in charge of tasks that produce more business value.

Email and phone call management are essential for every business, but it surely isn’t its core –that’s why it can be outsourced.

A virtual assistant for cold calling?

Yes, it is possible: a Eureka virtual assistant can help you get leads.

However, keep in mind that they will need the training to perform this role with success. Provide your virtual assistant with a script, material to handle objections, and bullet points to warm the leads. In case of success, they can transfer the call to a salesperson or schedule an appointment for a callback.

Are you convinced or, at least, intrigued? In that case, please schedule a call with us, and let’s talk about your needs and how we can help you grow your insurance agency.

Insurance agents how an Eureka virtual assistant can help you