What a virtual assistant can do for a Real Estate agency

When working as independent or in a very small team, Real Estate agents face many challenges . There is a lot of work to do that does not belong to the business core and can make you lose your focus.

A virtual assistant can be a great help so you can keep focused on what matters. Due to their expertise, they can handle a big chunk of work to make you and your team more productive.

Let’s see how an Eureka virtual assistant can help your agency

1. Offering administrative support
VAs are trained to deal with most of the daily administrative tasks. As a result, they can take off your shoulders a lot of work, such as
managing listings
managing client lists,
creating paperwork as required
sending marketing materials
2. Provide client support
As a Real Estate agent, dealing with clients is key to your success and a VA can handle part of that job. For example, they can answer phone calls from clients and manage your appointments.

Also, a virtual assistant can ask contractors to access properties. In this way, you can be sure that properties will be ready for showing when you need it.

3. Research for you
A virtual assistant can get public data for you about properties and their owners. A lot of relevant data is publicly available online. For that reason, an assistant can make a report with that information, be it national or local.