When should you hire an Eureka Virtual Assistant ?

Do you think you need help as a solopreneur? Are you wondering if you need to hire a virtual assistant? If you think you do not have enough free time to do everything that needs to be done, then definitely you should hire an Eureka virtual assistant. 


How to know you should ask for the help of an EVA


There are some situations when hiring an Eureka virtual assistant would be very useful. In the first place, the task should be one you have mastered and you firmly believe you could train someone else to do it reasonably well. Furthermore, you could define procedures and rules to perform the task and to evaluate the results.


Secondly, you should be convinced that the fact of having more free time will allow you to make your business grow. That means, your Eureka virtual assistant could assume all the time-consuming tasks you have in order to focus on activities with more business-value. This delegation of low-value tasks is more important if those activities stress you out or you do not know how to do them well.


Third, you have a budget enough to hire an Eureka virtual assistant but not a full-time employee. A virtual assistant can help you to save money because you can decide beforehand how many hours your assistant will work per week or per month. If your needs change, talk to us and we will find a solution. 


Do you want to stop missing business opportunities because you are busy with repetitive tasks? Schedule a call and let us help you to drive your business forward.

When should you hire a virtual assistant