2 mistakes to avoid when working with a virtual assistant –and how to prevent them

A virtual assistant can be in charge of the administrative tasks of your office to help you stay focused on the most profitable work and then you can focus on making your business grow.

Your success will depend on the quality of the collaboration between you and your virtual assistant. If both of you are not on the same page, there will be confusion, misunderstandings, and delays. Although most errors won’t be intentional, they can erode your work relationship.

These are the most important mistakes to avoid:

1. Delegating without taking the time of explaining

You want to have more time to do the most valuable work, right? However, if you don’t give clear instructions to your virtual assistant,  they may do a poor job, which will take more of your time in the end.

With no clear explanations, even the easiest tasks might need a lot of back and forth between your assistant and you. You will neglect your main duties and, in consequence, you will be unproductive.

Confirm that your virtual assistant understood your directions and, if necessary, do a follow-up call to see how everything is going.

2. Changing work procedures constantly

A full-time employee might get used to the rhythm of work at your business and the sudden changes in work procedures. A virtual assistant who already is very familiar with your business or your industry may adapt flawlessly as well.

In contrast, a virtual assistant who is just starting to work with you might struggle under those circumstances. Why? Because a person who is just getting to know you and adapting to work with you… has to relearn to work with you. 

Sometimes, work procedures have to change and that’s a fact of life. However, that change should be accompanied by clear directions to your virtual assistant  –if it doesn’t, then you might be making the mistake number 1!

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2 mistakes to avoid when working with a virtual assistant and how to prevent them