Clear procedures are the key to working effectively with a virtual assistant

Do you want to have an outstanding collaboration with a Eureka virtual assistant?

To work effectively with a virtual assistant, you should decide beforehand what tasks you want to delegate. After deciding that, then you should define clear procedures for those tasks.

Why should you take the time to do that? Well, keep in mind that a virtual assistant doesn’t know your business and hence they might not know what you expect from them.

Video tutorials are useful but not a replacement for a clear procedure

A recorded screencast can be useful for easy and not that easy tasks. Your assistant may watch the video as many times as needed to understand how to do the job successfully. During the video, you can talk about the most frequent difficulties that your assistant will confront and how to solve them.

However, it might be better to have a written procedure for complex tasks. This document will help you to avoid misunderstandings when your Eureka virtual assistant begins on the job. Also, you can update the procedure whenever you find it appropriate.

You should know the tasks you want to delegate

You should have an intimate knowledge of the tasks you want to delegate. If that’s not the case, the person with that knowledge should be in charge of writing the procedure.

There is an added benefit if you know very well the tasks to delegate: you can set a realistic goal for your virtual assistant. Even though it might not seem necessary, explain to your VA why the task should be done as you asked and what the expected results are.

With all this data, it will be a lot easier to avoid misunderstandings. 

Clear procedures the key to work effectively with a virtual assistant