3 questions to ask when interviewing a virtual assistant

It is very common that business owners interview virtual assistants before hiring them. If you do not have a lot of experience interviewing new employees, the hiring process might be a bit difficult. However, fear not: here are some questions that will help you to find the right virtual assistant for you.

1. Do you have skills related to…?

This question will help you to determine if the interviewee is the right person for your business, even though they do not have work experience in your industry.


According to your needs, you have to decide what skills your virtual assistant should have to perform their duties.


On one hand, it might be that you need someone with some skills and work experience so they could be ready to start working immediately and be very productive. On the other hand, due to the specific nature of your work processes, it might be necessary to train an Eureka virtual assistant, even though they are experienced professionals.


Reflect carefully in advance and decide if you need to train your virtual assistant so they are ready to undertake their duties.

2. How do you deal with difficult situations?

This might be the most important question. The work to do might change every day and your virtual assistant needs to be resourceful enough to deal with the problems that will appear.


With this question, you want to know if the interviewee is afraid to ask you for instructions when they find a problem and has enough independence to solve a problem by themselves when it is possible.


3. Do you have other work engagements?

You can hire an Eureka virtual assistant for 2,4 hours and 8 hours a day. The purpose of this question is to know if, during that time, your virtual assistant will be focused only on your business. Every business owner wants someone who gives 100% during their work hours.


The Eureka virtual assistants are very professional, so this should not be a problem. However, it is better to always communicate your expectations upfront.


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3 questions to ask when interviewing a virtual assistant