Find easily an expert virtual assistant with Eureka

A virtual assistant is in charge of assisting businesses, entrepreneurs and independent professionals. The role of an assistant is to perform administrative tasks and hence to give the client more free time to focus on the tasks that drive more business value.


“Why should I bother to hire an Eureka virtual assistant?”

Because an Eureka virtual assistant can do a lot for your business and will make you more productive. How? An assistant can deal with tasks such as data entry, email and calendar management, database updates, writing reports and other documents…


Hiring a virtual assistant can provide your business with some other advantages:

  • Keeping your budget under control
  • Gaining more flexibility
  • Having a better organization
  • Reducing use of your office resources
  • Diversifying your tasks

What tasks can an Eureka virtual assistant do?

There are many tasks that can be entrusted to a virtual assistant, but they depend on the business, its industry and its size. Evidently, it also depends on the qualifications of the virtual assistant.


Thanks to their qualifications, an Eureka virtual assistant can handle administrative tasks if you cannot afford or do not want to hire an employee. Hence, you do not need to train an Eureka virtual assistant  to perform those duties. 


However, if you have specific needs or tasks that you want done in a specific way, you can train your virtual assistant so they can assist you effectively. 


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Find an expert virtual assistant with Eureka