3 tips to set clear work expectations with your Eureka virtual assistant

A great relationship with your virtual assistant is key for the success of your business. This will help your Eureka virtual assistant to perform their duties as expected.

However, to make it easier for your assistant to succeed on the job, you should set clear expectations. Here we’ll give some advice on how to do it.

1. Agree on the specific task your Eureka virtual assistant will do

When you assign to your virtual assistant some task, explain clearly to them what should be done and how. Ask your VA to acknowledge in order to confirm you both are on the same page.

Also, explain what support your virtual assistant can expect from you should they need it.

2. Agree on the priorities and deadlines

Your virtual assistant needs to know the deadlines and the priorities of the tasks at hand. When there are a few days left, check up with them to confirm if the deadline will be kept.

Given that your VA has limited time, they should know what to focus on. Adjust the priorities when needed and talk frequently to your virtual assistant.

3. Determine how you will measure your VA performance

Define some indicators to measure your Eureka virtual assistant performance. Why bother? Because in this way you will precisely know how your VA is doing.

Your VA should also know how their success is being measured. This will give them motivation to perform better.

Working with a virtual assistant from Eureka is easy and they are always looking forward to exceeding your expectations. If you are interested in improving your business with an Eureka virtual assistant  you can schedule a consultation.