4 administrative tasks that you can delegate to your virtual assistant

With administrative tasks we refer to all those that involve the management and distribution of information within an organization. Although these tasks may be important for your business and necessary for it to function, they could be taking on a lot of your time that could be invested in more critical tasks that could help your business grow. What particular tasks are we referring to?

  • answering phones: your business may receive multiple phone calls everyday that need to be answered but answering them also means interrupting other activities that should prioritized 
  • sending/replying emails: emails are an important part of communication with clients, meaning it is a channel that should be attended constantly, however, having to constantly reply and send emails can be distracting.
  • managing files: this is another task that needs to be attended to maintain information and documentation from your business in order 
  • Data-entry: this can be a very repetitive task that can require a lot of time and is needed for the management of your business but it doesn’t necessarily require being performed by an employee with specialized skills.

When you’re faced with these responsibilities, a cost efficient solution is hiring a virtual assistant, in contrast to hiring a new full-time employee. An Eureka virtual assistant can perform administrative tasks that are difficult and consume a lot of your time and your attention. In this way, you can focus on innovating and on tasks that create business value.

Do you need help with the administrative tasks in your business? An Eureka virtual assistant can help you. Share your business’s needs with us, schedule a consultation.