4 tips for coordinating your Eureka Virtual Assistant

Do you want to incorporate an Eureka virtual assistant to your work team? To incorporate her successfully and thus complement your team, we offer you some tips that will allow you to manage your Eureka virtual assistant efficiently.

1. Evaluate the performance

Your Eureka virtual assistant performance is the best tool to measure her success. To evaluate it, you must communicate clearly your expectations beforehand and explain to your assistant how her success will be measured.

2. Don’t micromanage her work

If your Eureka virtual assistant knows your expectations and how to do the job right, you should not need to micromanage them. You hired an Eureka virtual assistant so you could focus on what is important to your business; if you micromanage her, you will not see the big picture.

3. Have a meeting each day

Use a tool like Skype or Zoom to have a brief meeting –ideally at the beginning of the work day– with your Eureka virtual assistant. Use this time to make sure she knows if she is doing her job right and if there are any obstacles that prevent her from doing her daily tasks.

4. Demand weekly reports

Ask your Eureka assistant to send you a report at the end of each week of everything they did. The report should specify the indicators you want to track to measure your performance. Ideally, reports should cover:

  • The tasks your assistant completed
  • The time she spent on each task
  • What she is working on
  • The difficulties she faced
  • If she has any questions or suggestions
  • If she needs additional training
4 tips for coordinating your virtual assistant