What should you delegate to your Eureka Virtual Assistant?

As an entrepreneur, part of your job is to determine what activities have the most business value and which ones are a waste of your time because of their low business value. In principle, you should delegate everything that does not add value to your business.


On one hand, low-value tasks are those necessary activities to keep the business going, but do not necessarily translate into higher income. Some examples of this type of tasks are bookkeeping, project management, customer service, document production, etc.


On the other hand, the high-value tasks help to increase your revenue. Some examples of high-value tasks are marketing, sales, launching new products/services, and so on.


A very quick way to increase your income is to outsource every task with low business-value and spend most of your time on high-value tasks.


But what tasks should I outsource to my Eureka virtual assistant?

To find out what tasks to delegate, we suggest the following exercise. It is about placing all the tasks that you take care of in your business in one of the following categories:


  1. Tasks you must do: these are the high-value tasks that you like and are good at
  2. Tasks you should not do: these are low-value tasks that take up a substantial portion of your time, even if you’re good at them and enjoy doing them
  3. Tasks you do not want to do: these are the tasks you do not like and that someone else can do
  4. Tasks you cannot do: These are tasks you cannot do because you do not have the skills or knowledge to handle them.


Tasks belonging to the first category should not be delegated; rather, you should spend most of your time with them.


The categories 3 and 4 are the first tasks you should delegate to your Eureka virtual assistant. Here the decision is easy, because it is about things that you cannot or do not want to take care of.


The most difficult decision will be with the tasks in the second category: they are tasks that you enjoy, but the reality is that they do not add much business-value. It is better that you delegate them too.

What should you delegate to your virtual assistant