How to promote an organizational culture with virtual employees

Employees working in different modalities need different approaches to be induced to the organization’s culture. You can have both traditional on site employees and virtual employees, because of the differences between these employees, you have to look for different alternatives of how to integrate them to the culture of the company. Why is this so important? If your employees are integrated into the organizational culture, their sense of belonging and the shared values they have with the company may act as self motivation. Research shows that a positive culture with common values that is shared by employees results in them feeling that their human need for meaning and purpose is met at work. This subsequently translates into them exhibiting higher levels of performance and effort. 

The things you can do to promote organizational culture with virtual workers are simple and the benefits are great. Here a few ways to show your virtual workers that they are an important asset and that they can and should  develop themselves as professionals in your company:

  1. Show recognition to employees that portray the company’s values, this way you show to every other employee the values that the company appreciates and how this effort does not go unnoticed. 
  2. Create the environment and tools that can make remote workers a part of the team, this means that if you want your employees to develop themselves in specific ways, you have to make the resources required for that available to them. There are multiple tools online that can make this easier and cheaper, as many of these tools and programs are free and of easy access. It can be educational or learning options specialized in the abilities and skills you would like your employees to develop.
  3. Acknowledge their good work the same way you do with on site workers, there are many ways in which you can do this remotely, including public recognition via the company’s newsletter or mentioning accomplishments during online meetings is enough to make employees feel appreciated and valued 
  4. Instead of micromanaging acknowledge abilities to be autonomous, you have to build a trust relationship with your remote workers. If they have the capacity to administer their own time and activities, let them do that and if they haven’t developed it yet, provide them with tools that can help them and give positive feedback. 
  5. Emphasize inclusion of remote workers in the cultural spaces that they share with on site workers, make sure you promote a culture of inclusion and fellowship without making distinction between employees that work virtually. The goal here is to engage teams to work together and get along despite not being able to meet face to face. 
  6. Use positive rewards to reinforce behavior aligned with the company’s values, you can recognize both privately and publicly the effort made by employees to embrace the company’s organizational culture. This reinforces the behavior until the person fully interiorizes it.

Organizational culture is a powerful driver of employees engagement and commitment with the company. Use this tool in your favor to create an effective work environment for you and your employees to work together.

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