How to organize tasks you need to delegate to make your business grow

In the path of making your business grow, you may consider that it’s time to get extra help, but you don’t know what tasks to delegate or you haven’t figured out the activities that do require that you pay your attention to them. 

It isn’t difficult to figure out what you can and should delegate. It’s a simple process that requires you to detail all the different activities that you have to do everyday and then you divide them into categories. These categories respond to the value that each activity generates for your business. There must be high value activities and low value activities, this second category is usually characterized by the activities being repetitive and time consuming, they are necessary for your business to work, but they do not require specialized skill  or expertise. Then you have the high value activities that require special attention and that produce greater revenue for your business or help it grow. In this category you can also find certain activities that are very important and generate great value but you don’t have the skills to complete them. 

Now you have two different types of tasks that you can’t or should not dedicate yourself to. If you have activities that add low value, you can assign those to a generalist virtual assistant, so you can have free time that can be used in more important tasks. In the other hand, if you also found high value activities that you are not qualified to fulfill, a specialized virtual assistant is the solution you are looking for. Virtual assistants can have training in insurance, sales, social media management and marketing. 

Once you know what kind of help your small business needs, you know more clearly what kind of help you need. In Eureka we offer you a variety of virtual assistants that have the experience and skill that you need. If you’re interested in improving your business with virtual assistants, let us know, we can help you, schedule a consul