How to choose the right Eureka virtual assistant for you.

You want to hire an Eureka virtual assistant but you do not know how to choose one? For that reason, we want to share with you how the process of selecting a virtual assistant goes so you could prepare yourself and decide on the right pick for you


1. Let’s schedule a call

The first step should be to schedule a call. Every client has different needs and expectations. We want to know what your goals are to give you options of how our company can help your business.

Eureka can offer you different plans according to your needs and your budget; just pick the one that is right for you.


2. Review the Eureka virtual assistant’s resumes

If you decide on hiring an Eureka virtual assistant, then the next step is to pick one. We have many young professionals who are available to help you. You can review their resumes and then schedule an interview with those who have a relevant professional background.

Maybe this stage can seem like a bummer to you, but it really is an investment of your time. You want to choose an Eureka virtual assistant with the right professional background and experience. Also, you want to feel confident in having picked the best virtual assistant you can find.


3. Start to work together!

If you pick an assistant after interviewing the candidates, then you can schedule a start date with us. Together, we can set up the right tools to communicate with an Eureka virtual assistant.

In the beginning, it is important to prepare an action plan with your virtual assistant. In that document, you will establish the timeline, goals and tasks the Eureka virtual assistant should do. Please, consider that maybe the virtual assistant may need to be trained to handle your specific inner processes.

How to choose the right Eureka virtual assistant for you