Virtual assistants: what tasks should I delegate?

So, you want to have an Eureka virtual assistant, but you are not that sure what tasks you should delegate. That is pretty normal. As a solopreneur, you are not used to delegate, because you handle everything that needs to be done.

How to spot a task that can be delegated

How could you know what to delegate? A very easy method is to write down everything you do over a week. Write each task and how much time you require to have it done. This will help you to visualize everything you do.

After registering everything you do, then you need some criteria to decide what you can delegate to an Eureka virtual assistant. Let’s consider some of them:

  • Is it a repetitive task?
  • Is it time-consuming?
  • Is it simple enough that you can train someone else to do it?
  • Does it create a lot of business-value?

The whole point of task delegation is to give you enough time in order to focus on everything that creates value for your business. For instance, now that you have more time available, you might work on a strategy that will help your business to grow. 


A list of tasks you may delegate

If you need some examples of activities you can delegate to an Eureka virtual assistant, here we can offer you a non-exhaustive list:

  • Planning your social media publications with Hootsuite
  • Writing content for your website
  • Managing your email lists with Mailchimp
  • Researching and make a PPT presentation
  • Replying to customer service messages
  • Managing your email, if you constantly receive the same kind of questions and you have to offer the same kind of response.
  • Reminding you to pay the bills 
  • Making airline tickets, restaurant and/or hotel reservations.

Do you want the help an Eureka virtual assistant can offer you? Schedule a call with us. You will be delighted.

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