Leadership styles you can apply with your remote workers

The number of companies with both virtual and on-site workers is increasing, meaning that more leaders have to adapt to correctly leading teams that work in different modalities. It implies a different set of skills and strategies, as you have to keep engaged with a team of people that you don’t interact with face to face. It is important to acquire these skills, as remote work will continue to exist and possibly increase in the future. 

Having a remote or mixed team to your charge will demand that you demonstrate different leadership qualities and styles. It’s not as complicated as it may sound, you only have to adapt your company’s specific situation to different virtual leadership styles, for example:

Participative leadership: this leadership style creates a collaborative environment and it works best with creative projects or new projects that require brand new ideas of how to be developed. Multiple people from the team participate in the decision making, all conducted by the team leader.

Transformational leadership:this kind of leadership emphasizes the purpose and projections for the future. The leader sets an example for their employees and creates a culture of growth and trust. Employees are able to thrive without strong direction because they have clear goals to reach with their actions and decisions in the company.

Situational leadership: this is especially important when you are working with a team that has different work modalities. It emphasizes responding to the situation, meaning that you adapt to the leadership skills that your employees need. For this you need to be invested in understanding the processes that your employees follow both individually and as a team, and the circumstances in which they work, this way you can come up with a strategy that responds best to their specific needs. This leadership style is also characterized by the fact that it isn’t static and the strategy can be in constant change over time. 

Servant leadership: this leader is characterized by the care they put in their employees’ wellbeing. They actively show to their team that they care and promotes an environment of mutual respect and honesty. This pleasant work environment motivates the employees to work hard and complete their tasks. This approach works best in small companies that need strong team work towards a common goal.

As a good leader, you will be able to foresee the leadership style that responds best to your remote team needs. Additionally, a good remote worker will know how to manage their time and responsibilities in their work from home job. 

Eureka’s virtual assistants are excellent remote workers that know how to manage their time and fulfill their tasks. They can be the addition that your team needs to make your company grow. If you’re interested in improving your team with an Eureka virtual assistant, schedule a consultation so we can discuss your needs in greater detail.