Virtual assistant or a local employee, which one to choose?

Any business has primary and secondary tasks – the latter can be delegated, but to whom? You might choose to delegate them to some of your employees or to an Eureka virtual assistant. But, which one should you choose? 

“Why might my small business need a virtual assistant?”

In very small businesses, usually the employees have to do a bit of everything –even secondary tasks– and that might make them unproductive and, sometimes, overwhelmed. If that is the case, you can boost the productivity of your work team with an Eureka virtual assistant

Our virtual assistants can handle the secondary and many time-consuming tasks to help your employees become more productive. Your team will be able to spend their valuable time on activities that create value for your business. 


“But I could hire a local assistant…”

Even though you could do that, another employee would mean more labor costs for your business. One of the pros is that an Eureka virtual assistant can offer you some flexibility. 

An EVA works for a fixed amount of hours a week/month, so you do not have to pay us if you do not have work for us to do. However, if you need more time a month, we can arrange that as well. Keep in mind that we have many plans; feel free to choose the right for you any time.

Are you interested in what an Eureka virtual assistant can do for you? Schedule a call and let us help your business grow.

Virtual assistant or a local employee which one to choose