Tips to work effectively with an Eureka virtual assistant

So, you want to work with an Eureka virtual assistant, but maybe you are wondering how to introduce your new virtual assistant to the day-to-day operations of your business? Please, let us help by showing you how to proceed.


Prepare the procedures

A briefing is necessary when an Eureka virtual assistant starts to work with you and a set of updated and clear instructions will improve their efficiency. However, you might have to prepare something more than a simple list: include videos or any kind of material that could help your new assistant to understand the job easily and quickly.

During the training phase, you should closely monitor your virtual assistant until s/he becomes familiar with the tasks at hand and has no doubts about how they should be performed.


Set up well-defined goals

With precise goals, it will be clear enough what your expectations are: the desired results and the time available to produce them. Setting a deadline is important because it will be a benchmark of the efficiency of your virtual assistant. 

If you find it convenient, do not hesitate to establish SMART goals. Let us remember what SMART means here:

  • Specific: the goal should be easy to understand, stating what needs to be done and what steps should be taken to do it
  • Measurable: quantify the goal to track the progress of the work and measure success
  • Achievable: the goal should be realistic and reasonably achievable
  • Relevant: the goal should be meaningful to serve as a source of motivation
  • Time-bound: the expected deadline, to know when the work is done.


Periodically set up a Zoom meeting

A regular meeting with an Eureka virtual assistant is very helpful. Thanks to it, you can identify your assistant’s blockings, their comfort zones and anything that could be improved. Evidently, it is also a way to regularly track what has been done and give additional instructions about the next items in the to-do list.

Are you ready to boost the effectiveness of your team with an Eureka virtual assistant? Schedule a call with us and ask anything you want to know about working with virtual assistants.

Tips to work effectively with an Eureka virtual assistant