What services can provide an Eureka Virtual Assistant?

Eureka virtual assistants can provide you with considerable support to your business. They can handle very time-consuming tasks to help you or your team to handle more significant tasks for your business. 


Let’s see some areas where our virtual assistants can make a difference.

Administrative support 

Our Eureka virtual assistants can send and receive emails, make and answer calls, schedule and plan meetings, write documents and keep track of changes in important projects.

Executive assistant

Eurekas Virtual Assistants can work as executive assistants and manage your calendar, bookkeeping, research and prepare presentations, write and edit reports, among other duties. 

Project management

Our Eureka virtual assistants can provide you with support in daily tasks related to project coordination and to keeping track of deadlines and project updates so you can be sure that your projects are on track.

Social media management

Our Eureka virtual assistants can help you prepare messages to be published in your social media accounts and moderate comments according to your instructions. Occasionally, they could write a blog post for you. 

Customer support

Eureka virtual assistants are able to help in customer service and technical support related tasks. Our professional staff can receive calls from your clients or to call them in order to help them to solve the problems they have reported. 

Sales team support

Our staff can support your sales team to help your salespersons manage leads or make cold calls so your team could focus on closing deals.


Do you need help in some of these areas? Schedule a call with us. We want to know your business better and to find out how we can help you to succeed.

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