Generalist or specialized Eureka Virtual Assistant: what are you looking for?

If you are thinking of hiring an Eureka virtual assistant, you are probably wondering what qualities you should look for in an assistant and what things you can ask her to do. Actually, your Eureka virtual assistant can do a lot, as long as she has the proper training and tools to do the job you need.


We can think of 2 types of Eureka virtual assistants according to their type of training and experience.

Generalist virtual assistants

A generalist Eureka assistant is someone who can handle day-to-day administrative tasks that are necessary to run your business but are not related to growing it.


The tasks that you can delegate to a generalist virtual assistant tend to be technical and also repetitive, such as writing/replying emails, making travel arrangements, scheduling your meetings, doing data entry, conducting research, among other possibilities.

Specialized virtual assistants

A specialized Eureka assistant is a person who has specific training and skills, so they are capable of handling specific processes in your business.


Although these virtual assistants usually require more training from you. Some tasks for a specialized virtual assistant may be customer service, project management or bookkeeping.

Looking to outsource tasks or results?

Generally, a specialized assistant understands the task better than you do yourself – that’s why she specializes in it, obviously. In that case, what you are looking for is to outsource the result of the process: your assistant understands what has to be done and you just have to let her get to work. So you just have to tell her what to do and let her decide how to reach that goal.


However, if you hire a generalist virtual assistant, the most common situation is that you outsource a task: you will have to train your assistant so that she can take care of it as per your instructions. This means that you have to tell her what to do and how to do it right.

What are you looking for in a virtual assistant? Schedule a call and tell us.

Generalist or specialized virtual assistants what are you looking for