Why an Eureka virtual assistant is a good choice for your business

An Eureka virtual assistant performs accounting, event-planning or sales related tasks. Although maybe you might find it weird to work with somebody you will not meet physically, virtual assistants are a standard solution when a small business needs help to boost its productivity. These qualified professionals will handle the repetitive or time-consuming tasks, thus freeing you or your staff to make your business grow.


Advantages of hiring an Eureka virtual assistant

First and foremost, you can hire an Eureka virtual assistant for as many hours a day as you need: 2 hours, 4 hours or 8 hours a day. Evidently, more tasks will require more time and work of an Eureka virtual assistant. 

Also, you may consider hiring many assistants if your business is going through a very hectic period. The Eureka virtual assistants can help in one or many different areas of your business.

Although Eureka virtual assistants can perform basic administrative tasks, some of them have specializations such as accounting, customer service, social media management or online marketing.


I do not know if it is over my budget…

The main benefit of hiring an Eureka virtual assistant is that it is cheaper than hiring an employee. When hiring an employee, you should cover the costs of Social Security, Medicare, payroll taxes and the federal and state unemployment taxes. 

In contrast, Eureka have plans that will be right according to your needs and your budget. You will not have to worry about all those costs because the virtual assistants you will work with are Eureka’s employees.

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Why an Eureka virtual assistant is a good choice for your business